Day 59-60: Soccer Galore

So yesterday was an action packed day. I took a half day at work and headed to San Antonio for the soccer game between USA and Mexico. It was a crazy atmosphere and environment. Other than the pitch, the game was amazing. #dosacero as the chants rained in. 2-0 USA took it. Got back late and just went straight to bed.

Today I went and played some pickup soccer,still trying to get the hang of everything, and there is a lot to improve on, but I played pretty well. Scored 4 goals and assisted another, definitely held my own out there. I need to go out and practice or just play more. Running isn’t the problem, even though I am very tired and will surely be very sore tomorrow, I need to work on my ball control, touch, and passing. Finishing doesn’t seem to be the problem at the moment, probably just luck though.

Got 50G in Spongebob today for jumping on the jellyfish trampolines 100 times, found a spot to jut knock out the rest and get the achievement. Not much else to say about that game, very boring.


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  1. wtbuffs87
    April 21, 2015 at 6:52 pm

    I agree the game was awesome! Caught the last half of the first half and watched the end. I was pumped we won.. Always feels good to beat Mexico!

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