Day 57: MVP x2

After work I had a few hours before kickball started so I got right on Spongebob and played 3 levels I think. No achievements to report back about, so it looks like a pretty dry day today. I couldn’t take anymore Spongebob so I decided to switch to NBA Live 2015 and played one game, winning again and being a straight baller.

Had to eat and started a new show on Netflix, “The Fall”. Seems pretty interesting so far. Its a Netflix Original with 2 seasons and at an hour a piece it will take me awhile to get through it.

Kickball started at 8:50 and the game started with a bang. Bad thing for us, we were defending first. The team we were playing against scored 4 runs in the first inning. Mostly off of good plays to get on originally, then errors made by us cost quite a bit. That was basically the story of the whole game for us, we couldn’t get a three up three down to save our life. So the runs started piling up in their favor, 4 here, 4 there, two there 3 there. They ended up scoring 13 total, the good news is we had the most runs we ever had with a total of 6. I was 3-3 2 runs scored and turned about 4 outs total on defense. So I played pretty darn well this week, very different than last week. I think if we can shore up some defense problems we can make a run at the playoffs.

Thats it for me.


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