Day 56: Busy Day

From 8 am to 6 pm I was out and about doing things that are not closely related to video games. When I got home I needed to make food for the week, and dinner, so I did that until about 8 pm. After eating the last thing I wanted to do was play Spongebob Heropants. So I played NBA Live 2015 and played one game and won which was nice. The next game I played we were doing well and the game froze, so I was done with it for now, and decided to play Spongebob.

I gave the first level a shot on Spongebob, and got 150 GS scratch that 200 GS for a good 20 minutes max of work. I collected all the manuscript pages on the level and got all the coins for the most part. There is no way this pace will be kept up, but it was nice to get 200 GS with very little effort. I felt like I’ve played this game before, as it is pretty close to all the other spongebob games out there. Not much to it, collect things, “kill” enemies, rinse repeat…

That is it for today. Enjoy!

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