Day 55: Livin’ On The Edge

In the words of Aerosmith, I was livin’ on the edge today. Remember when I said I installed Windows 10 for Phone preview yeserday? Well, that seemed to be a BAD IDEA. The build I got was super buggy, barely anything worked on it. The phone app would crash every single time, and after a few restarts it wasn’t getting any better. So then when I lost the messaging app due to crashing, that was the last nail in the coffin. I was probably going to have to revert to windows phone 8.1 anyways because of the phone app, but I didn’t see it getting any better, in fact it was getting worse.

So I booted up my desktop and downloaded the tool that Microsoft put out to revert back to 8.1. According to the tool I would lose all my data, and have to re-download everything, but that this point I didn’t even care. I just wanted my phone back, you know, the phone part of my phone.

So I downloaded 8.1 and ran the tool and it failed. I tried it again and my phone went into flash mode, and the program said it failed again… The problem was in flash mode, the recovery tool didn’t recognize the phone. Panic started to set in when the phone wasn’t responding to anything. So I went online and started searching. There was a post on reddit that indicated my phone was pretty screwed, and I would have to download and flash my phone with unofficial roms to get it back up and running. Luckily there were a few comments on the lumia software recovery tool that I checked out and was able to get my phone out of flash mode and get 8.1 back on my phone. So my phone is a working phone again, and I think I learned my lesson on dev previews unless I have a spare phone. This is my one and only phone, so losing this one would have been bad.

Today we started playing the Heists in GTA Online. Got a few achievements with NickHawkeye and BuckMarley155. I got past the first heist and played a few missions and called it good.

A majority of the day I played NBA Live 2015 on the Xbox One. The game is frustrating because of the random game lockups where the game will pause, but the game won’t freeze. The only thing I can do is quit the game and try it again. I was up 2 with 13 seconds to go and the opposing team got to the free throw line and the game froze….. It looks like I am on pace for Rookie of the Year, and maybe I can make a run at MVP. I don’t know if its possible in the first year, but we will see. There is an achievement for winning the Finals, so maybe, just maybe, I can do that on my first season. I’ve been killin’ it as of recently.

I installed Spongebob Hero Pants on the 360 during my last game of NBA Live 2015 and have it ready to go for tomorrow. Probably have GTA Online in the cards as well.


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