Day 51: Back In The Groove

After work I got on the 360 and played Forza Horizon 2: Fast and Furious. I got about 200 GS in it today, and hopefully tomorrow or Thursday I’ll have it completed. I should have had it done today, but had some other things I needed to do today.

For some reason the game is still harder on the 360 than on the Xbox One. I had the realization today that maybe its not the game, but it could be the controller? I think maybe it is. The Xbox One controller is so nice that it puts the also nice 360 controller to shame…

I didn’t have really major problems today in my few missions that I played, but definitely more rewinds and one restart more than I remember on the One version. So we will see if anything else pops up.

Age of Empires got played, nothing really to share.

Make it Rain got an update and added custom missions to the game and from the looks of it makes the game even easier/quicker, but the achievements still haven’t unlocked,


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