Day 45-50: Welcome Back

Man, how time flies. Its been 5 days since I have made a blog. So on Thursday the 31st I traveled from Austin to Miami and met my family there, then from the 3rd – 5th I was in Tampa, FL. I got home pretty late on the 5th and now its the 6th crazy right?

I didn’t have much of a chance to game while on vacation, the same can be said for blogging. Every night I was ready to crash and didn’t really have much to say anyways..

So that pretty much sums up the last few days, really the only thing I did was play AOE on the phone, and on the way to vacation I played Despicable Me, I think I got one achievement.

Monday rolls around and after work I had to get groceries and make food. Then it was kickball.

Kickball was pretty disappointing. We played a team that had been in the league for 5 years, this was our first, and they beat us 10-0. We made our normal few mistakes on defense and they were exploited pretty well. The team also played really good defense, so we were just dead in the water. It didn’t help that during inning 3 on defense I was going to field a ball and my leg just shot ┬ápain out of it. It was bad, it still hurts a bit. Hopefully it isn’t too bad of an injury, I have football tomorrow.

The only games I was able to play today was Age of Empires. I finally got 100 keeps destroyed which means an achievement. So I did take home some points today at least right? Tomorrow I am going to try and get a level or two done of FH.


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