Day 43: No Need for Turbo, Bro

I got home and and got going on Forza Horizon 2 presents Fast and Furious. Man that is a mouth full. I was popping achievements all over the place, not the ones I was going for, those are always the best. So you would think after playing the Xbox One version I would be well equipped to breeze right through the game and get the 1,000GS. What I wasn’t expecting was it being… harder…. Yeah your surprised as well? The 360 version is actually different, so far not a lot different, but enough to be mildly annoying. The first queue was the level with the jeep and the chopper. You have to beat the chopper in a race which is about as dumb as it sounds. Anyways, otherwise impossible if the chopper just beelines it towards the finish line, you have a chance to win against the chopper. In the Xbox One version you get nitro, which does make this quite a lot easier believe it or not. The 360 version, you gotta beat a chopper in a jeep with no turbo… Good luck… It took me a few tries, but I finally got first place. Boom, done. The rest is easy right? Wrong, next mission you have to destroy 130 billboard things, but they are on the ground. Anyways, wait, 130???? The Xbox One version was only 100. LAME. Took me another few tries, but finally got it. So the next question is? Is that it, or is it going to continue to get harder? Trying to remember what the missions were to get the rest of the cars, but I don’t remember any problem areas, but I guess I’ll probably be surprised again…

Kickball, hey, we finally played another match and guess what? We….. not so fast. The first inning was pretty terrible, 3 up 3 down for us, and 3 runs given up by our defense. We got a run back in the next inning, and I got an out and we didn’t give up anything so that was good. In the third inning we made our run and got 4 runs, I was able to get on base and got the third, but with 2 outs, I couldn’t score. The good news is, we got 5-3 lead. We weren’t able to get any more runs and we gave up one run in the last inning, but we were able to get the outs we needed to end the game and the final score was 5-4. We played pretty well, room for improvement, but a win is a win. The only problem is, they changed the ball on us. Its now a regular size ball which really screws me up. I don’t know if I should try and put my foot through it, or just put it down the third base line.

A win is a win is a win, that means we are still undefeated! Nice.

Got home and that was it for me. Look me awhile to type this blog out, mostly because I was watching the final episode of Leverage, which was REALLY good. Definitely would recommend watching it.


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