Day 42: Part Duex

Sick in bed for a good part of the morning. I think it was almost noon before I rolled out of bed. After breakfast I turned on the Xbox One and started playing… NBA Live 15. Played a few games of Rising Star mode and got my first “100” rating in a game which was cool. I think I got the game mode down pretty well, but it is just going to take awhile to get through this game mode because I purposely made the games long so I could get a good rating on each. My guy has cracked into the starting lineup and is getting some pretty solid minutes.

No achievements to show for the game today, still at 100 points which is ok. I spent the majority day playing that game, but I wanted an achievement so before I quit playing Xbox for the day I started up Forza Horizon 2 Fast & Furious for the 360. I realized when I started the 360 version that I did this all wrong. Since I played the Xbox One version first, the graphics are just going to be distracting as they are not even close to being good (comparatively). Sure enough, I was right, the graphics are bad comparatively…. It isn’t distracting per say, it is just weird. I got my first 100G, acquired 2 cars for 80 and took a photo for 30G. 210G in about 15 minutes, not bad for a day of work, let alone 20 minutes. I don’t know if I’ll complete the game tomorrow, but I plan on making some headway.

Age of Empires Castle Siege is always in the cards now a days. Will be in Age 5 tomorrow sometime and steadily upgrading my army and units while bringing in some good resources in battle. Not too much to talk about there.


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