Day 41: Gotta Acquire Them All!

After completing my Day 40 blog, I got right on Forza Horizon 2 presents Fast & Furious. The game is pretty darn easy. I set it to the lowest difficulty and breezed right through the game getting all 1000G for the completion. Only worry about red events, don’t bother with any rival races or any other side missions as they don’t give any achievements. It takes about 3 hours to complete the game, maybe a little less than that. I didn’t do it all in one sitting because I needed to go to the store to get something for my cough.

I had one scare with the game, I thought it had glitched. I couldn’t find the second part of the veyron mission. Turns out the mission area was in red, but I didn’t notice it at first, second or third glance. Luckily someone on TA pointed out the actual location and then it became clear where it was. Being colorblind has its disadvantages sometimes.

After Forza I decided I earned some R&R from achievements and went back to NBA Live 15. I started a “Rising Star” character and tried my hand at that game┬ámode. I don’t really understand why the TA on these achievements are so high 3.0+. Some of them aren’t that difficult. Its a fun mode, but I am starting to see why people hated the game. There is a weird issue where the first free throw encounter in the first quarter if you try and skip it the game freezes. It happened to me 3 times in a row until finally I let the game just progress and all was well. After a few games I was able to get my guy from 79 overall to 80 which gave me an achievement. Only 10 more for the next one.

Age of Empires Castle Siege got played all day today. I am in progress to Age 5 I believe, and trying to upgrade the last few things in Age 4 before Monday and Age 5 rolls around.


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