Day 40: Late Again

My streak of late blogs is getting pretty impressive more games than normal to talk about.

I had a good friend in town, so after Happy Hour and food, I let him play some GTA Online. There are some pretty weird maps in GTA Online one of the first maps we played was “user made” and it was pretty ridiculous. You only got a knife and had to climb floating crates and train cars to jump over this fence and get to a plethora of guns. If you can’t make it, well your going to get killed… ALOT. Never could make it over the fence, but it was an interesting level to say the least.

There were others that weren’t as good, like the one that you only get a golf club and try to kill people by clubbing them to death, or get in the fastest car in the game and try to run people over. The level was on a bridge, so you were confined to a long, but narrow area. The goal was to get to 10 kills, but no one would die because everyone was in a car. It was pretty lame.

Next up was something I wouldn’t have expected. We played some NBA Live 2015. We played about 3 games, that was before the almost unending starting tutorial which I eventually skipped. The game isn’t bad, I had heard bad things about it though, and the TA is pretty ridiculous on it. I was a little worried when I checked my TA this morning and only one of the two achievements I popped was on TA. Instantly I was like great… this is what I have been hearing. I went to and sure enough it was there which was good, but was TA going to pick it up? I refreshed my account and luckily it showed up.

Just a PSA to anyone interested, in case you haven’t heard there is a stand alone free download for Forza Horizon 2: Fast & Furious, for a limited time. The 1000G seems to be easily obtainable, so thats what ill be doing today (Saturday, Day 41).

I got my first achievement of the day right when I woke up. It was in Age of Empires Castle Siege. I got 6 heroes unlocked so I got a 10G achievement to start the day off right. Still working towards all the other achievements in the game, about to upgrade the Age I am at. I think its time. I still have a few more things that I can upgrade, but im running out of those things, so on to Age 5.

Time to get gaming, I would have been playing football this morning, but I have seem to developed a nasty cough. Staying home and taking it easy today and most of tomorrow, I am hoping I can kick this quickly. I don’t “feel” sick, just have a nasty cough. Hopefully I caught it early enough.


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