Day 39: Streak Continues

After work I got home and decided to get on GTA Online. I am glad I did because there is a ridiculous amount of compatibility packs and add-ons you have to download before you can start playing. So while those downloaded I decided to play some Rayman Legends while I waited.

Only got two levels completed, no achievements, not too much to talk about.

After the packs were downloaded I didn’t have too much time to play as I soon got the call to go hang out. I did notice that I was level 9 on GTA Online which is good news, only need 2 levels to go till Heist planning runs out. I got killed twice, once after a long chase with the police ended with a rocket from some vigilante in a helicopter that had missed me quite a few times. The other I was depositing some money into my bank and right after that someone drove up and capped me. That was about when I had to go.

Still no achievements to report, but luckily I was able to see into the future and tell you for sure, I am going to get an achievement for Day 40 of the blog.


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