Day 38: Unmotivated

After work and the store, I got home and booted up my… phone, as well as my Xbox. Age of Empires Castle Siege has some sort of hold on me and Rayman Legends just… doesn’t… I should have seen this coming, Rayman Legends is a platformer and platformers just don’t really do it for me. I did happen to play a few levels, but that was about it.

I seem to be more interested in a Netflix TV show called Leverage at the moment. It is a pretty darn good show and would recommend anyone to watch it.

I check into Age of Empires about every 30 minutes while I watch TV, eat, or whatever, just couldn’t go back to Rayman today. Might have to bail on Rayman for something else, something more engaging, like a shooter. I’ve been thinking about starting BF4, maybe that will hold my attention for awhile while I wait on the next Gamefly game to come in.

That is pretty much it for today.


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