Day 36: Rayman

So today was my follow up on my dentist appointment from last week. I knew ahead of time that this was a “deep cleaning” meaning everything was going to be numb. I was a bit worried that the “numbing” would have an adverse affect on my kickball performance. I was told that it wouldn’t and sure enough they were right. My mouth is a little sore, but the numbness wore off about an hour before the game.

Went to the game, but it was clear something was wrong. There were people just standing around and one of the fields was empty. It had been raining quite a bit and the fields just weren’t in all that good of shape. There wasn’t an email sent out so we had no idea. We did enjoy ourselves though, played a few pickup games with random people around and stayed about as late as we would have if we had an actual game, so there wasn’t much loss there.

As for gaming, the only gaming I did start Rayman Legends. I got 3 achievements and so far it is pretty fun. Glad that this was a Games with Gold title and look forward to continuing my playthrough on it.

Age of Empires Castle Siege of course made an appearance on the games played. Still trying to level up in the game, steady as she goes. I feel like I a little behind the curve as far as units go, but food and wood are always in high demand, never seem to have enough to go around. Also, build times are almost a day for everything now which is a bit lame. This game will take forever to complete.

Thats it for today!


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