Day 35: Time To Move On

Its finally time to move on from Screamride. I wish I could have gotten a few more achievements, but I met my own quota today which I am happy with.

I started with the 50,000 scenery achievement, got that a lot quicker than I was expecting. Next I went to try and get the 2.5 million achievement in the last destruction level. I spent a good few hours today total trying to get to that mark, but wasn’t able to. The closest I got was only 70k away which is way too close… Can’t believe I didn’t get the achievement. Anyways, I played that level a ton trying to get the 2.5 mill achievement, but also slowly working towards the 100,000,000 scream achievement for destruction.

I ended with 645, but 2,494 TA which ain’t too bad. I am glad to be done with it. It will be going back to Gamefly first thing in the morning. Next up? Well I need to get to Level 12 on GTA V online.

Age of Empires Castle Siege I got 3 achievements for 25 GS. Been attacking people, but I seem to be having a bad run of things recently, haven’t been able to win an attack in a few attempts. Gotta keep at it.

I need to get to sleep. 2 hours now past my bedtime.


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