Day 34: Retry Level

Today was all about Screamride. I mentioned in my blog earlier today for yesterday that my goal was to complete the story mode of Screamride and start on the cleanup.

The hardest levels in the game are the coaster levels, the one where you ride the coaster and try to complete the level while doing the bonus objectives and most importantly not crashing. Stage six of the coaster levels are something else. I don’t know how one would be able to complete this game because of those levels. I did the best that I could without crashing and didn’t even come close to getting the highest score you need for the full commendations. Somehow I was able to unlock the last level and complete it, crashing quite a few times, to get the achievement for completing the coaster levels.

The destruction levels are alittle easier, but still not trivial. There was an achievement I was going for that continued to allude me, and might forever elude me. The last level is evidently the best to score 2.5 million on which basically means perfectly complete the level which is easier said then done. Ill give it a few more tries tomorrow, but can’t really see myself getting that achievement.

Cleaned up some misc. achievements in the game, share a level, download, rate etc achievements. I also got the achievement for blowing up the boat randomly which is kinda neat. Idk if ill go after the helicopter achievement as I already kinda tried and its a bit ridiculous in all truth.

There is only two more achievements that I think I can get, place 50,000 scenery and 100 million in demolition. So I think as soon as I get that 100 million achievement I am done with the game. That should allow me to mail it off Monday.

Got a few achievements in Age of Empires Castle Siege today won 20 battles, got 100 crowns, and completed my stable. Building things take a lot more time now, and therefore there is starting to be a resource bottleneck… I guess the only solution is to not battle as much, keep my resources in check. Once I have some space, I will try and upgrade my storage more so I have a larger buffer. Hopefully that plan works out


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