Day 33: Sleepy

A little late on the blog today, well, for yesterday. Better late than never I always say. Not too much to report about, but still some thing worth noting.

The only real gaming I did was on the phone, Age of Empires Castle Siege. Surprise, surprise I know, but I actually got some achievements in the game yesterday!

Yeah , I know, another surprise, surprise, but this time, its an actual surprise. I got 20G in the game yesterday, which isn’t going to help me get back to 3rd in Texas anytime soon, but its better than nothing. The 3 achievements I got were related to the onger (unlocking it), looting food from battles, and destroying walls. I should be pretty close to the other looting achievements, at least the wood resource. Hopefully get that today. In a few hours from this post, ill get an achievement for building a stable and soon ill be close to unlocking age 5.

On today’s docket is Screamride, im hoping I can be done with the singleplayer today, by done I mean just completing the story and then cleaning up. If I can get this game back in the mail by Monday. Its time to move on.

Of course every 30 minutes ill be battling on Age of Empires, trying to advance this game as fast as I can.


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