Day 32: La Decima

You see, I recognize La Decima, but its not a good thing. La Decima is refered to as Real Madrid’s 10th Europe Cup (Champions League). So when I got “La Decima” in Screamride today, I was caught of guard. Turns out in Screamride that La Decima is getting 10 perfect boosts in a row. Not bad.

I got two more achievements in Screamride, one was cumulative and the other was for completing Level 4. The only problem was, I didn’t actually complete the last event in level 4, and I still got the achievement. I ended up completing the level anyways, but thought that was a bit weird.

Screamride seems to be getting a little more annoying and progressively harder… So I am into full just complete the story and move on mode. I doubt I am going to have the patience and the time to get 100% on every level…

Age of Empires: Castle Siege is going strong still. Got through all my upgrades from today and am currently on Age 4. I wish resources came in a bit quicker than they do, but I guess this game is here for the long run.

That is it for me.


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  1. griffey
    March 20, 2015 at 7:08 am

    Yeah, Castle Siege is a grinder. Jerith Geros just finished it. He has been playing since release. It’s really bad after you finish age 6.

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