Day 29: MVP

After work I did my normal thing. Got home, and started gaming. I am still on level 3 I think in Screamride but I made it to the ride building stage. Not too much to report on the game, I really didn’t have too much time to play. I think I have one more level left on level 3 before I will go to level 4. No achievement today. :(

Played some Age of Empires: Castle Siege like always. Farming those resources, I lost a battle I think it was yesterday, someone attacking me, so I beefed up my fortifications a little bit and still working on getting those resources faster. Its a drawn out game thats for sure. Not frustrating, but kinda frustrating. Sometimes you will have just barely under the amount you need of something, maybe a project that will take a few hours, but you cant just sit there and let time pass. I wonder if the time trick works on this game. I just now thought of that, any word on advancing your phone’s time?

The main reason why I didn’t have as much time as I normally do to game is I joined a work kickball team and we played our first game of the season today. The league is just an North Austin league, but we had enough interest with people we worked with that we could field a whole team from work. Remember I work IT, but we were able to hand pick most of the people we play football with, so we got some athletes on our team. Its a co-ed team, so we needed 4 girls to fill the team. Again, remember its IT, so finding girls was tough, but we got some last minute sign ups and they all showed up to the first game which was a worry. The night was a win in my book before the game even started.

When I played kickball in middle school, I don’t remember the ball being so big.



The ball is big, like woah big. So that was a problem. Luckily we got enough people to show up early to try and throw it around and somewhat kick it to get a feel for how this was going to go. I had little to no expectations for this game and this season. So here we go.

As expected the game was pretty even for the first 3 innings, I was 2nd in the lineup, by random chance, and popped out the first time. In the 4th inning we gave up a run, and the same story for the 5th I think. Going into the 7th, which is the last inning, we were down 2. We had two outs, one guy on first, and it was my turn. Great, I am 0-2 so far, about to be 0-3 to lose the game. I kicked the first one horribly and went foul. The next one I kicked alright and got it to drop, but it was center enough that the pitcher was able to handle it and started running towards me, I was about 3/4 of the way there waiting for him to pitch it to first for the sure out, but instead he went for the glory, and tried to peg me. Now, lets stop right there, I am 6’4” and 130 lbs on a good day, when I am sideways which i was to him, there is very little for you to hit of me. So I tried to time his throw, know where he was going to throw and dodge. Somehow, straight out of the matrix, I was able to contort my body in such a way that I dodged the throw and made it to second. Still two outs, and we have one on the board. 2 outs, im on 2nd, and we have luckily, our most athletic girl on the plate. She hit it, doesn’t get out and gets to first, I make it to third and for some reason they tried to make a play on first when there was no way. So I made the call, go for the glory. With my Barcelona home socks and my Messi cleats I took off for home. There was a play at the plate, but their catcher didn’t make the play, I think I would have gotten the safe call anyways as I slid to home. SAFE. 2-2.

We got an out the next time and had to defend. They got to bases loaded, and somehow we got two force outs at home. 2 outs, bases loaded. Ball skys up in the air right to me, caught, out, game over. Stats on defense were 5 outs (double play (fly out + peg), 3 fly outs) , and batting record was 0-2 with an error. I think thats how that works. I’m calling MVP, but its not me, its the shoes. Messi cleats steal the show again.

And thats the day. Hopefully you enjoyed the recap of my weekly kickball game. Hopefully we can practice once this week and work on offense, but I like our chances this season.


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  1. Rick Nasty 1187
    March 17, 2015 at 6:33 pm

    Loved the kickball recap.

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