Day 27: Trial Over

After playing football, running errands, and practicing some kickball, I finally got time to play some games. I started with Battlefield Hardline trial. I played the prologue and the first level. I would have played more but they only let you play the first two levels in the trial which I have to say, caught me off guard. I think I remember someone saying the trials don’t normally let you play much of the single player, but I seemed to have forgot that. The good news is that I already got 105 GS in about 30 minutes which is nice. I wanted to play the singleplayer because when I saw Visceral Games was doing Battlefield Hardline I was instantly interested. In case you didn’t know or need reminding,┬áVisceral Games did Dead Space which is a personal favorite of mine.

I can only grade the game on two levels, but I was pretty happy with what I saw. The driving is a bit odd, but the gameplay is pretty solid. Seems like there might be a good story attached to the game as well. As fast as I got 105GS and how quickly I got the two missions in the trial done I don’t expect the story to be all that long. So I put it on my Gamefly, and I am trying to get that next after I am done with Screamride.

Speaking of Screamride I switched to that when I got kicked out of Hardline. I only made it past one level but I was able to get 3 achievements. There were a few challenges I had to leave on the table, and I have no idea if I will be able to get them done. I saw that NBA Kirkland was able to take out a helicopter in these demo levels, I tried a few times while going for a blimp + score and man, that is going to be tough….

Age of Empires Castle Siege was here and there all day. Progressing nicely just a bit slow. I haven’t even looked at the achievements for that game. Something I should probably do soon. But I have a feeling I’m on the right track.

That is it.


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