Day 26: Builder Extraordinaire

Another day, another day with Screamride. This time I got to try my hand at roller coaster building, the third and final mode this game has to offer. I think this mode is probably going to be the easiest out of all of them, but its also going to be the most frustrating. There are a few bonus challenges that will probably complicate things I’m sure, and it would help if I read the challenges well before hand, that would have saved me some time too. The dumbest part of the roller coaster building is the testing. When your ride fails, it is pretty helpful back in edit mode so you can make the adjustments. The problem is you have to watch the roller coaster from start to finish…. It doesn’t take forever, but it is still annoying when you need to only see if it will get through one section of the track.

I made it through the first level and went into the second stage. The second level is shorter than the first, with only 3 stages for each type. I ended up stopping for the day on the demolition stages, should be able to finish up level 2 no problem tomorrow.

Thanks to EA Access I am downloading Battlefield Hardline. Ill try to find some time this weekend to give it a whirl and ill report back. I think I am going to start doing reviews again, so Screamride will definitely be the first real one, and maybe a micro review on Battlefield Hardline.

Age of Empires Castle Siege was the phone game of the day, like the last few days. Periodically checking in on it and making the upgrades I need to get my production of wood and food up to high levels. Someone randomly attacked me today, but they weren’t much of a match for my 3 towers. Once I get all three materials up to a reasonable rate, Ill focus on defense, then of course, offense.

That is it for today.


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