Day 25: Demolition Expert

When I got home from work I hopped right on Screamride and onto the second phase of the first “world”? I don’t really know what you call it, so yeah. Anyways, this time I went with Demolition. So this is the Angry Birds type of levels where you try to score the most points by destroying buildings, billboards, and hoops. This gamemode was the first in which I had to move on without “perfecting” the level as I really had no idea how to “skim” the top and still score quite a bit of points. I think I know what they are talking about, but getting two of those, pretty frustrating. Turns out the demolition levels are a little harder, at least I think so, than the ones where you actually control the coaster. I think I have two or three challenges across a few levels that I wasn’t able to obtain a more than a few tries.

I think I have at least one more demolition level to try before I can move onto the create stage. I did find out just today that if you hold the a button, it slows down time and gives you a guide to where the projectile is going to go which I wish I would have known sooner. Would have saved me quite a few retries.

In other gaming news, I let Age of Empires on the phone do its thing. This game is all about time, and persistence. It looks like you only have to check in on this game every few hours, 8 hours at the max. So its kinda a slow burner as far as the game is concerned. I upgraded to Age III and focusing on food and lumber production.

Make it Rain… Man, I finally made it. No I didn’t complete it, but I am close… Real close. I got the achievement for the Electric Apithary or whatever, and now the only achievement I have left is 100,000 swipes. So I am hoping I can get that soon. The good news is I don’t have to let me phone run this app at all hours of the day anymore. My phone and my pocket will like that.


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