Day 20: A Lot of Cheddar

Today I got up and went to play football in the morning. After flag football, I got ready to go to a pizza and brewpub and hung out there for a couple hours. Afterwords I knew that I had to power through and play games instead of taking a nap.

I got an achievement in GTA V for spending over 200 million across all three characters. The guide on TA was pretty awesome actually. Turns out by investing in the stock market, you can just pull your money back out immediately an it will count for the achievement which made this one pretty darn easy.

I had to give in after that. I started dozing off while playing and I took a nap.

When I woke up I went back to GTA and got one more achievement for fully upgrading my vehicle. That was about it. There isn’t too much left for me as I doubt ill spend the time collecting all those things.

Make it Rain of course showed up again, and I’m in the home stretch. I bought the last two upgrades before saving for the last achievement, should be sometime tomorrow or Monday I have enough money for the last money based achievement I need.

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