Day 19: 404 Games Not Found

I happened to fall asleep while writing my blog last night. So below is what I had, plus some.

You see, if you followed my daily blog on TA when I did it, I blogged for a while. Like a long time. And there would be times that I didn’t play a game the whole day, but I’d still feel obligated to blog, or at least say something to keep the streak alive. I mean, I gotta get to at least what, 100 before I can take my first break? Those of you that are new the my blog format, multiday blogs are pretty common with me, but I am really trying to make time and get a blog churned out sometime before I go to bed every day. Only once have I had to wake up and blog, but I still kept it going.

So there isn’t too much to talk about today. I mean, we could talk about the stock market, but thats one of the reasons I went out, and stayed out today. The market took a dive, what a terrible way to end a work week. Now I gotta let that simmer throughout the weekend. Thanks Wall Street.

Speaking of money, I did actually play a game today, Make it Rain. Yeah its not all that noteworthy. I am almost up to a 1BB/sec, but the powerups are so upgraded, that doing anything on top of that is kinda overkill. So I am letting my money get to a level where I can just buy the rest of what I need and that be it.

I believe that is it. I was so close yesterday to finishing the blog.

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