Day 18: Let the Cleanup Begin

For those of you that don’t like me blogging about GTA, or are ready for me to talk about a new game, well your time has come… soon.

Today I didn’t have too much time to play games, but I did have enough time to get the last mission done in GTA V, for 40 GS Woohoo! Thats right, I finally beat the story of GTA. Turns out after the heist, its like, the next mission the game is over. Who knew.

After I beat that mission I went into cleanup mode. I looked for something easy that I could do and I decided to try getting eaten by a shark would be an easy one to get. So I went to the marina, stole a sailboat and drove out to the middle of the ocean, jumped out and starting swimming around. When I finally found a shark, I had such little health from holding my breath too long that I drowned I guess. My next attempt involved a helicopter and a parachute. At this point I was kinda in a hurry and went full boar into the ocean with a parachute, dead. My third try I went back to the helipad tried to spawn a helicopter, couldn’t bought one, didn’t spawn and then somehow I died (I dont remember now…). The fourth time I got the chopper that I bought, parachuted out of it in the middle of the ocean correctly. Landed in the ocean (still alive) swam around, keeping track of my oxygen meter, found a shark, and swam around him till he finally ate me. 5 points!

As for the rest of the achievements I think I see a few more easy ones, but I don’t know about all these collectible ones, and the 100% completion is a hard pass. I would be interested if anyone wanted to boost the online to do that. So please hit me up if your interested (this is the 360 version I am talking about btw).

My one Gamefly game coming to me is Screamride. So I will be able to check that out hopefully tomorrow (Friday) or Saturday.

Tonight was trivia night, but for some reason the place we normally go to decided to cancel. We luckily knew about this ahead of time, and were able to find a new location. We ended up tied for first and lost in the tiebreaker round which kinda sucked, but still good to know we can go to a new venue and hold our own.

Make it rain continues to make an appearance on the blog (see what I did there), and I just let it do its thing. I decided to cash my mistrial wheel spin in and spend some of the money I have generated on more $$$/second so I can decrease the overall time it will take me to get the last couple upgrades bought. I still have to swipe 100,000 times which I have no idea if I am anywhere close to that or not. It doesn’t really matter because according to Xbox Live I have not unlocked two of the achievements that the game says I have, so I won’t be “completing” this title anyways.

That is it for me..


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  1. wtbuffs87
    March 6, 2015 at 1:40 am

    I haven’t even touched the MP in GTA V.. If I see you on I’ll shoot you a msg.. I dont think your on my 360 friends list though..

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