Day 17: The Big One

Thats what she said.

So I got home and was determined to finally finish the story in GTA V. I only had about an hour of gaming, so I quickly booted up GTA V and got going on the biggest heist of the game. Right before I had to leave for gamenight, I finished the mission, and to my dismay, I didn’t finish the story. Turns out I have ONE MORE ACHIEVEMENT left in the story mode to get, which probably means I got at least a few hours left. Which is kind of disappointing.

After looking at the achievements for the Online, it looks like Ill have to mess around with that as well. Especially before March 10th rolls around since the GTA Online community has to be pretty small. I remember playing GTA online and it was like run around and anyone at anytime could try to kill you. Which can get pretty frustrating pretty fast when you want to only get achievements.

I ran Make it Rain the whole day, and for some reason it took down my battery even while I was charging my phone, and my phone ended up dying about 30 minutes before I left work. Nothing to show for my day of letting Make it Rain just sit there and generate fake money. I am really taking advantage of the protection that the spinner wheel is giving me. I know the current one I am on is a mistrial, so I am free to let the money pour in and when I am going to buy something, I can spin the wheel, get a mistrial, and buy anything I want with protection. I was able to get my $$$/second back up to over 500 MB/sec. It was as low as 383. So I am hopeful I can just let it sit there and generate an amazing amount of cash to progress further towards the achievements I need, and up the rate so I can get there faster.

Gamenight was pretty fun tonight, we had 4 people so we played Pandemic. In case you haven’t played the board game Pandemic before you should really check it out. I didn’t consider myself a table top person, or a board game person, but I bought Pandemic after hearing good things about it and a love for the game was born. I have the base game plus the Bio expansion. There is still one expansion that I need “In the Lab”, but I will eventually buy it. Our group seems to be getting more and more games, so repeating the same game is getting tougher and tougher, in a good way.

That’s about it for me. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be really bad in the morning, so I doubt ill make it in to work officially, at least in the morning just to be safe. People in Texas can’t drive when there is ice on the road. Luckily I have a job that you can work from home (WFH) if needed, and in this case, it is recommended. I like to be at work because it helps me focus, but I think I can handle one day at home.


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