Day 16: Casing The Final Job

Things I swear are finally coming to a close with the story for GTA V. Which is good, because I am ready to move on. So hopefully I wont be blogging about GTA not too much in the future.

So first off, Eric bailed on me today, so thanks for that. We were supposed to play DOA yesterday, and then today, but he was a giant no show. Didn’t respond to my text either, which was lame. Lameo Eric.

So I played GTA instead, and did a couple missions and ended on the setup to the final mission (i sure hope so at least).

I figured out what I think to be a pretty solid strategy for Make it Rain. See you get a spinner and get a not guilty and just let it sit there and accumulate money. That way you wont get dinged on your rate/current money. I got destroyed these last few days with my rate going from 700MB/s+ down to 400MB/s now which makes things ALOT slower… But I did get an achievement for 20G that did post to Xbox Live. That was my only achievement of the day…

Thats it for today, Enjoy!

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