Day 13: Beer O’Clock

Today began as such a lazy day. I have an alarm set for Saturday’s at 9am for flag football at 10. I remember snoozing the alarm and that is about it. I ended up waking up at about 11 am and just kinda coasting through the entire day until about 5. I played some GTA got some MASSIVE points from that game, and by massive I mean about 30G I think.

About 5 o clock I went out with a friend and his buddies and didn’t return till about half past 10. We had a good time talking about a majority of things including cricket. You see I have a vested interested in Sri Lanka winning the Cricket World Cup, and they played England today. My friend’s friends were from England and one of them is a pretty big fan of cricket. So I was trying to gauge how good Sri Lanka was doing by every now and then asking him how the game was going by showing him the score. See Americans aren’t supposed to know anything about cricket or football (sorry soccer), so I am trying to learn a little bit about cricket in order to know how good my team is doing. Btw, where is the US Cricket team? I don’t really hear much about them these days… O well.

Turns out I have signed myself up for a 6am match Liverpool vs. Manchester City. So I am about to go to bed. Only have watched episode 1 of House of Cards and that was last night… Man I am so behind.


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