Day 12: House of Cards

Its Friday, woohoo. After work I got home and started playing, you guessed it, GTA V. You know one of my main complaints with the game is it is hard for me to tell which character can do what missions. You might say, Kyle, come on, they are color coded. And to that I would say, well dude, I am colorblind, so thanks for that. I’m trying to infer by the position of the missions letter on the legend which character can activate it. Its not a huge issue, but a minor annoyance when I go all the way to the mission and find out it was for a different character.

I did a few missions as the night went on and only got 10G out of the game today. I am hoping Monopoly Plus comes in the mail tomorrow because this whole 10G a day is just not working, and I am not about to go spend $10-$20 on a game for an easy 1k, well, not yet at least. Is it too much to ask for a game like Thomas Was Alone to go on sale for 50%? I’d buy it.

Of course make it rain made a few appearances today, it wouldn’t be a day without it. Unfortunately it seems that the last few achievements I need are going to take a bit longer than I expected. By longer I mean just letting my phone sit there. I still need to get the 100,000 swipes which I have no idea how close I am to that.

This weekend is House of Cards weekend. The third season came out today and the weather outside is crappy which is a perfect excuse, not like I really needed it, to stay indoors and watch tv/play video games. So my video game time might take a hit this weekend as House of Cards will probably be a priority.


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