Day 11: Make it Flood

Only one achievement today and that is from Make it Rain, and that is called Make it Flood. I got up to 500 MB/sec and that was the only achievement I got today….

I did have a chance to play a little bit of GTA, but only one mission. I took me awhile to get past it, its one of the first racing missions, true racing missions where you try to steal cars at the end. I finally decided to use Franklin’s slow time ability and it was pretty easy, but I failed about 10 times before that.

Thursdays is trivia night at Rogness Brewery, so gaming on Thursdays is pretty low. The good news is that I am feeling much better,so I am hoping tomorrow or Saturday ill be 100% again and ready to tackle Dead or Alive Last Round. If someone wants to boost the MP for that game let me know. I am all ears.


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