Day 10: Money Maker

Got home from work and got right on to Grand Theft Auto. It went pretty well today and I profited 40 GS from GTA 5 in total. I did two heists which netted me the 20G a piece. The first one was pretty interesting. Got to sink a boat and go get this experimental tech which was evidently worth 20 million, but thanks to party pooper Larry, we had to give it back…

The second heist also didn’t provide any money, but was also pretty fun. Got to shoot a lot of things so that was cool. Enjoying my time with GTA thus far, but the time will come soon in which I must switch to gamerscore mode (aka when Monopoly Plus comes in the mail from Gamefly).

My lootcrate came in today, first one. There were a few things that were cool about this crate. There are a few candidates for desk swag so that was cool, also I got a poster of retro pacman so I put that up on my wall. I got the “Ready Player One” book in there too, which I guess if I read would be a cool thing. Maybe on a plane flight or something I can bring that a long. Can’t wait for next month’s crate.

Of course now its time for the daily Make it Rain section of the blog. It looks like things might be winding to a close with this game. I’ve almost bought all options at least once on the $$$/second screen. Its an ever evolving process which means the bucket/rate screen is now pretty much useless, same with the actual “make it rain” game. I should be able to clean the rest of the achievements up pretty quickly, hopefully within the next few days.

Thats it for me.


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  1. wtbuffs87
    February 26, 2015 at 1:06 am

    Ready Player One is a great book.. Definitely recommend reading it!

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