Day 9: Grove Street

Its always good when you have a game franchise reference things from its past. I played a little bit of GTA V today and did a mission where I needed to make a deal on Grove Street. Which is probably exactly the same street that CJ was from in GTA San Andreas.

Not too much to sad about my GTA play (gotta be careful with that, sorry). Still not feeling all that great, and have had a really epic (in a bad way) sinus headache. Those are just not fun at all. Hoping that I can kick this once and for all by going to bed about two hours early, I am really tired of being sick. The last thing I wanted to do today was play Dead or Alive with a sinus headache, just doesn’t sound good at all.

Make It Rain is coming along just great thanks for asking. My $$$/second is doing just great and so is the bucket and how long it takes to fill it. I didn’t get one of those stupid wheel of terror all day until just a few minutes ago. I am missing 2 achievements on Xbox Live, so I am hoping everything else will show up on Xbox as well as on the phone.

Thats all I got for today. Enjoy!

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