Day 7: Glitched Up

Still feeling a bit ill so I got up later than I normally do on Sunday. When I got home I was ready to play, and Costume Quest 2 was in the cards. I had learned what I needed to do to continue to the story so I was able to hit the ground running today. I was right about being 2/3 through the game at the point I left yesterday. It didn’t take too long to get through the rest of the game and complete the story. I did a little clean up getting the last costume I missed for one achievement and used every costumes special abilities for another. I got the achievements for completing the story and completing the story with candy corn as a fighting partner. There is one problem though….

For some reason the quest where I have to find the kids hiding the the “distopia” is glitched. I found all 6 of them the first time through, and saw the quest come in as completed, but it still says 5/6 on the notebook. The achievement this is associated with is to complete every quest which is going to be a pain if I have to do it over. So I bailed on that and went to collect the rest of the cards I needed. I noticed that Shady had only 6/7 cards I needed so I was missing one collectible which wasn’t exactly hard to believe. I had to boost enough candy to buy the cards I needed which took me about 30 minutes to an hour. The last card I need I tracked down to the first chest really in the game, that I remember opening. Which is bad news, because.. you know.. I already opened it. So thats 2 more achievements I am missing out on leaving me with 850GS in the game. Would have liked to see 1000.

I decided while I wait for gamefly to send me another solid game, I would jump back to a game I have been meaning to get back to for awhile now, GTA V. I can’t remember the last time that I have played an actual game that has been good. Its very refreshing actually. I played a few hours of GTA before calling it quits. Did my first heist which was pretty fun. I almost forgot there were good games out there.

Of course, I let Make it Rain do its thing all day, got two achievements which one of them looks to have sticked. That brings me to two achievements that are not on Xbox Live, but unlocked on the phone, more great news…


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  1. FRE5Hx
    February 23, 2015 at 9:45 am

    You gotta play good games man, that’s the point of gaming.

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