Day 5: Makin’ It Rain

The blog is a little late today because I fell asleep before I could write it. Again, if you have followed my blog in the past, you know that this is a common occurrence.

When I got home I decided to jump right on to Duck Dynasty and tried to get as many points out of it as I could. I realized that the story mode is a bit pointless after the fishing stuff is over, so I went to the galleries and tried to knockout every one of the 35 stages. The good news is that the galleries are pretty easy to get the achievements. You have 3 rounds to hit all targets so passing them is pretty easy. Make it through to the end and you’ll get a few achievements. I only needed to clean up a few stages with power ups to unlock the final powerup and viola I was done with the galleries.

Then it was on to the tournament. The tournament is basically all the tracks from the story put into a round robin format. First place gets 12 points, second 8 and so on. In order to get the max gamerscore, you have to get the max score, aka win all the races. I got the first one done on the first try, but the second one proved to be too much. The good thing is you can restart the race at any time and only go back to the beginning of that race, not the tournament. I currently have 860 in the game so the game is on a pretty short lease at the moment. If after a few tries I can’t get 1st place on this race, Ill probably try to finish the tournament.

I started a new Windows Phone game that is for some reason intriguing to me. Its called Make it Rain: The Love of Money (WP). The game is pretty simple, a virtual make it rain game. All you do is just act like you are making it rain by swiping virtual bills off your phone. Of course there is more to the game, the more money you get the more you can spend on upgrades. You buy upgrades for money/sec without swiping, swiping larger bills, and more money while you don’t have the app open.

I was watching TV and letting the phone go and fell asleep. So a few hours later I woke up to a lot of money, so I spent it and fell asleep again. The game isn’t a quick one, but it surprisingly addicting. Check it out as its free.

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