Day 4: Smooth Waters

If you have read my daily blog on TA enough you know that I can go days playing the same game, and thus talking about said game for days. So as you might be expecting, its Duck Dynasty let again.

Tonight is trivia night so my gaming time was limited. I got about an hour and a half in today and profited 140GS for finally finding 50 frogs and a few achievements for fishing to boot.

Luckily I didn’t have too many problems with the fanboat race that I tried today, but I got another one staring me down first thing tomorrow. This game is not good, but I am hoping I am close to the end of the story mode and there is quite a bit of achievements to get in the gallery portion of the game. Who knows if the end is near, but I am ready to move on from this horrible game. The points just aren’t coming fast enough for me. I need a few more games like #IDARB….

Not really sure what else to add to today’s blog.


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  1. Rick Nasty 1187
    February 19, 2015 at 11:37 pm

    Wait. The fan boat races get real fun when you have to do them all over again in the gallery. I have still yet to finish those because the were too frustrating. The duck hunt portion of the gallery is actually easy. Just make sure not to use any power-ups until you beat all the levels.

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