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Day 102-3: Making Progress

Progress. Progress is key. Didn’t blog Wednesday as I got home super late and really didn’t have any time to play games. So its on to Thursday. Got home and after working out I had a hot date with Unmechanical Extended. Turns out I was about 2/3 of the way through the game and I definitely had to rely on… Read more →


Day 101: Draw a Crappy Star

Today I thought I would have a lot more time to sit down and play games than I did. I got off work later than expected, had to run by my apartment and clean stuff up/pick up some stuff. Then worked out, made dinner, friends came over and hung out, and by the time that was over I had about… Read more →


Day 100: Unmechanical

Today is Memorial Day in the United States where we celebrate the lives of those that have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country, and those that are currently serving to keep us safe and free. For those of you that are currently serving in the armed forces or have, Thank you! The weather in Austin is absolutely nuts right… Read more →


Day 90-5: Moving Days

Moving sucks. Plain and simple. It has been awhile since I checked in here, mostly because ive been moving a long with all the other stuff I have going on now, its hard to play games now a days which is a good and bad thing. I warned everyone reading my blog that I could go AWOL for a few… Read more →


Day 87-89: Catch Up

Playing catch up with the blog again today. It has been a few days since I checked in. Of course I have been busy, but I made it a point tonight and sit down and write this. Here we go. Wednesday I got off work and went to the store, then made dinner, and then went to trivia. It had… Read more →


Day 86: Clean Em Up

I have reached that phase in every game where it is time to go back to parts of the game I have already played and get specific achievements, or at least go for them. Its quite a rewarding part which normally yields quite a bit of achievements. But thats what next, here is what happened today. I got off work… Read more →


Day 85: Go Away Rain

It rained pretty darn hard while I was at work today, giving me a free evening as kickball was canceled soon after. The afternoon/evening was clear skys, but the fields hold water quite well, so it wasn’t a surprise at all. So instead of playing kickball I got to playing video games. Booted up Hardline and got two episodes done.… Read more →


Day 84: Hardball

Played some Hardline today got a few episodes done. Got a few achievements on the way. The story in Hardline is pretty good, at least so far. Its been kinda typical bad cop drama, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’ve been couped up all weekend with this whole wisdom teeth thing, so I wanted to get out and… Read more →


Day 81-3: Loss of Wisdom

Thursday was my wisdom teeth removal day. I had two to get removed and I am happy to report the removal went well. I had been told a lot of things about getting wisdom teeth removed, the horror stories behind the removal always seemed to stand out. I just hoped that I wasn’t one of those cases. I rested the… Read more →