Monthly Archives: March 2015


Day 44: Drifter

After work and football and making food, I finally got some time to play Xbox, Forza Horizon 2 Fast & Furious. It didn’t take too long and I had already an achievement. I got a total of 100,000 skill point which is new to me. I did two missions and got the Nissan GTR. The drift challenge was a bit… Read more →


Day 43: No Need for Turbo, Bro

I got home and and got going on Forza Horizon 2 presents Fast and Furious. Man that is a mouth full. I was popping achievements all over the place, not the ones I was going for, those are always the best. So you would think after playing the Xbox One version I would be well equipped to breeze right through… Read more →


Day 42: Part Duex

Sick in bed for a good part of the morning. I think it was almost noon before I rolled out of bed. After breakfast I turned on the Xbox One and started playing… NBA Live 15. Played a few games of Rising Star mode and got my first “100” rating in a game which was cool. I think I got… Read more →


Day 41: Gotta Acquire Them All!

After completing my Day 40 blog, I got right on Forza Horizon 2 presents Fast & Furious. The game is pretty darn easy. I set it to the lowest difficulty and breezed right through the game getting all 1000G for the completion. Only worry about red events, don’t bother with any rival races or any other side missions as they… Read more →


Day 40: Late Again

My streak of late blogs is getting pretty impressive more games than normal to talk about. I had a good friend in town, so after Happy Hour and food, I let him play some GTA Online. There are some pretty weird maps in GTA Online one of the first maps we played was “user made” and it was pretty ridiculous.… Read more →


Day 39: Streak Continues

After work I got home and decided to get on GTA Online. I am glad I did because there is a ridiculous amount of compatibility packs and add-ons you have to download before you can start playing. So while those downloaded I decided to play some Rayman Legends while I waited. Only got two levels completed, no achievements, not too… Read more →

Day 38: Unmotivated

After work and the store, I got home and booted up my… phone, as well as my Xbox. Age of Empires Castle Siege has some sort of hold on me and Rayman Legends just… doesn’t… I should have seen this coming, Rayman Legends is a platformer and platformers just don’t really do it for me. I did happen to play… Read more →


Day 37: Football

After work I went and played football for a few hours. Football is a good workout, and by the time I got home it was pretty late and I was tired. So I only played Windows Phone games today. Make it Rain made an appearance again today, after a week or so off. I generated some money by actually “making… Read more →


Day 36: Rayman

So today was my follow up on my dentist appointment from last week. I knew ahead of time that this was a “deep cleaning” meaning everything was going to be numb. I was a bit worried that the “numbing” would have an adverse affect on my kickball performance. I was told that it wouldn’t and sure enough they were right.… Read more →


Day 35: Time To Move On

Its finally time to move on from Screamride. I wish I could have gotten a few more achievements, but I met my own quota today which I am happy with. I started with the 50,000 scenery achievement, got that a lot quicker than I was expecting. Next I went to try and get the 2.5 million achievement in the last… Read more →