Monthly Archives: February 2015


Day 3: Fanboat Fun….

Another day, another day of Duck Dynasty… I have to say I am starting to tire of the same old crap that this game gives out. The hunting part isn’t really all that bad which isn’t surprising being that the developer has done a ton of Cabelas games in the past. The worst part of the game has to be… Read more →


Day 2: Louisiana Drift

Didn’t have a lot of time to play today. There was an impromptu birthday celebration for a co-worker that I went to which cut into my gaming time by a few hours. I still got a chance to play a bit of Duck Dynasty before calling it a day. When I got back home, I quickly found out that Xbox… Read more →


Day 1: Ducks Beware

Hello all, First off, how does the new site look? The site largely hasn’t changed in over two years, so I figured it was time. I also wanted to start my blog back up again, so I figured both of those went together. I’m not a huge UI person, but I think the site at least looks a lot better… Read more →