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June AHAH (unofficial)

June AHAH (unofficial)

Postby Freamwhole » Thu Jun 02, 2016 1:39 pm

NOTE: I have not run this by Oz, so I'm just posting this for fun. But it will give you something to do this month.

Contest Deadline is 23:59 AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) on 30th June.

Welcome to the Achievement Hound’s Achievement Hunt (AHAH)! Below you’ll find 6 games, each with 5 achievements listed. To meet the entry requirement you have to have 15 of the achievements completed. Any region/platform of the games listed will work. However, if the game is available on more than one platform (e.g Xbox One and Xbox 360), you need to use the achievements from one platform for the contest.

Main Contest
Prizes - I'm not authorized to give out these.

To enter:
1. Post below with your links to your achievements or completions. For a completion, DLC is not included as the achievements are not picked from DLC. There is no requirement to place the achievements in your trophy case. The entry process is similar to what is required for the Birthday Tag and WAHSH Contests

2. Ensure that you are on my friends list on True Achievements as this makes verification of entries for the Bonus Contest a lot easier as I need to verify that the achievements were unlocked during the month of the contest.

Bonus Contest

To qualify:

1) Have all 30/30 achievements OR
2) Get any 5 achievements from the list during the month. If you enter by this method list the games and achievements once you have all 5 completed. To count these achievements must be obtained online so they have a date stamp.

NB: If a game in the list has Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions, you can’t use the Xbox One achievements from that game for the Main Contest and the Xbox 360 achievements for the same game for the Bonus Contest (or vice versa). The five achievements you use in the Bonus Contest can be used In the Main Contest.

Note: If you are only missing 1 or 2 achievements from the whole list and obtain those, you can enter bonus contest as you will then have 30 out of 30 achievements unlocked.

To enter:
1. Basically same as above, when you post below please state that you are entering the Bonus Contest and list the 5 achievements you obtained this month in your post, or the fact that you have 30/30. If you are entering the Bonus Contest for having unlocked 5 achievements in the month, please make sure I am on your friends list so that I can verify that you unlocked the achievements during the contest time as per the game (sometimes a game will be the game used in the week the crosses over from the previous month).

NB: This thread is only for submitting entries for either the Main Contest or Bonus Contest, any general chit chat can be posted in the AHAH Chatter topic.

*****Dog Bones******

You'll have to ask Oz if he will honor this.

For entering the main contest you get 3 Dog Bones and for the bonus contest you get 5.

This month I have gone with the theme of Zed To Zed Podcast.

Elite: Dangerous
Killer Instinct
- Destroy another ship
Elite .... Dangerous
- Destroy 50 Elite Combat rated ships
Gettin' It Done
- Complete 5 missions
Wanted, Dead Or Alive
- Get a bounty of 25,000 credits
Pledge Allegiance
- Sign up with a power

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter
Complete The Training Mission
- Complete the training mission
Neutralize Rebel Outpost (Normal)
- Neutralize a rebel outpost blocking the highway
Capture Ontiverous (Normal)
- Capture General Ontiveros alive
Eliminate Defenses (Hard)
- Eliminate Chapultepek castle defenses
Locate The Football (Hard)
- Take the Football back from Carlos Ontiveros

Zombie Driver HD / Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition
Father Of All Zombies
- Defeat the last boss in Story mode. (Secret)
Hot Rod!
- Obtain the sports car in Story mode
Fair Play
- Kill 100 enemies in the Blood Race mode
I'm Just Warming Up
- Kill 100 zombies in a single game in Slaughter mode
- Earn 150 000 points on any arena in Slaughter mode

Life is Strange
- Finish Episode 1: Chrysalis
Out Of Time
- Finish Episode 2: Out Of Time
Chaos Theory
- Finish Episode 3: Chaos Theory
Dark Room
- Finish Episode 4: Dark Room
- Finish Episode 5: Polarized

Project Spark
Rising Star
- Receive 100 downloads within 24 hours of publishing your world.
Expert Creator
- Reach Spark Level 30
- Load your first brain
A Challenge A Day
- Complete a Daily Challenge
Only The Beginning
- Complete your 1st Crossroads side quest

Guitar Hero Live
Triple Down
- Complete 3 songs in Quickplay
Not Bad
- Get 100% in two songs in Quickplay on Regular difficulty.
Let's Do This
- Complete the GH Live tutorial.
Now With More Awesome
- Complete 7 sets in GH Live, each with an overall "Awesome" rating, on any difficulty.
Rock Expert
- Get 50 stars in GHTV by playing songs on Expert difficulty.
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