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Lightning Tokens

Lightning Tokens

Postby Frawstfever » Thu Sep 18, 2014 5:46 am

We are going to be using Lightning tokens almost the same way as the US. The initial idea of the Viral Token was to promote notifying us of when you ship and receive a game so we could track games. The issue is that your Tokens depends on the person either Ahead or Behind you to do the same. As a result of this we have come to a point where members are missing out on getting there Token because the other person does not notify us when they either shipped or received the game in question. In a effort to make this process your own responsibility and to reward people who move games quickly we are editing the way you earn these Tokens.

How do we earn Lightning Tokens now?

1. Checking In. This lets us know you got the game and will give you 1 Lightning Token for doing so. If you receive the game damaged or happen to get the wrong game (It happens from time to time) let us know in this post as well and we will do everything we can to correct this.

2. Quick Turn around. We would prefer you make our games the priority on your to play pile since there are other community members waiting to get them as well. We try to stay with under 15hr games in our Viral Games library so that we can keep the turn around as quick as possible and to get more score quickly for more people. We have also implemented a token that you will receive for doing so. You will earn 1 Extra Lightning Token for shipping any Viral game in under 10 days from when you received it.

3. Since the CVG has such a low Game to Member ratio im not too worried if a game takes longer to complete. That being said weekly (from the day you get the game) we would like an update on how the game is doing (ie 12/24 achievements complete.) And this will net you a Lightning Token as well.

What are Lightning Tokens used for?

1st. We will use these as a reference for moving up a tier in our system. The more you have earned the higher the tier you can move to and we do track your lifetime number of tokens as well so that you are free to use them in other ways outlined below.

2nd. Tokens also have a points value and you could sell them back to the shop and use the points to buy any number of things from the shop. While not the best return for them it is an option if you choose to do this.

3rd. You can save up 20, 40, 60 Lightning Tokens and trade them in for Medals. This Medal will be displayed under your name on every post you make in the forums letting everyone know you are a proud supporter and user of our great system of increasing your gamerscore. This seams to be the preferred use for the Tokens by most of our users since we try our hardest to keep games moving in a timely manner.

TLDR Version

Earn Lightning Tokes for

1 Checking in.
2 Quick Turn Around
3 Updating Completion Progress
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