Day 96-99: Out of the Bloggin’ Groove

Whats my problem? I don’t really know. I think my main problem right now is I don’t have a game I can really get excited about to play. Especially for achievements. Battlefield Hardline has just droned on, getting one achievement here and there and its already pretty tedious. I need a game to come in and get me all amped up for gaming again… Hopefully that happens soon.

Friday? What happened? I think I stayed in and played video games. Went to bed way too early and just forgot to blog. I think I cleaned up a few misc story achievements I had left and it was time to move on to multiplayer.

Saturday I played some more games and ran some errands. Saturday night I went out with some friends and we didn’t get home till reallllllllllllly late, so I just went straight to bed. The weather here recently has been absolutely awful, just raining every day. Last night was no exception, but that didn’t deter us from going out and having some fun.

Today was actually pretty nice. It was still a bit cool from the storms, but the sun actually made an appearance for a little bit and that was pretty nice. Tried to do some things outside, went down to a local creek that was just crazy water water rapids style. Then went to try and play frisbee in an open field, but it was just super muddy and was very far from ideal conditions.

I ended up getting another achievement in Battlefield Hardline today. I got the achievement for winning 5 Blood Money and Heist missions. Both are actually pretty fun, but Heists seemed like they took longer to get, but were much shorter games. Seemed like I got placed on the losing team more often then not. Finally had a good run and got the 25 pointer. I think there is one more achievement I will get before calling it good, might work on that tomorrow afternoon.

Still working on this damn Age of Empire Castle Siege game. Finally got to Age 8 and this weekend got to 2,000 crowns in battle. I have two more achievements left, one of which is probably going to take another 7 years to unlock. I don’t know how long it takes to upgrade a unit to level 4, but my guess is that it will take somewhere ¬†between 3-4 days per each one. I believe there are 5 civilizations, so that makes 15-20 more days once I start my first upgrade. Currently that building is getting upgraded itself, so it can start the level 4 upgrades. This game just never stops.

That is pretty much it. Tomorrow is a holiday for the USA, so hopefully the weather holds up and I can get outside again.


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