Day 86: Clean Em Up

I have reached that phase in every game where it is time to go back to parts of the game I have already played and get specific achievements, or at least go for them. Its quite a rewarding part which normally yields quite a bit of achievements. But thats what next, here is what happened today.

I got off work later than normal, and got on the Xbox to finish off the singleplayer of Battlefield Hardline. It was a pretty good story overall, not the best, but passable. I haven’t decided if I want to play multiplayer yet, but I hope the multiplayer is what this game hangs its hat on. Even though I was on the easiest difficulty, the story really didn’t last that long. 10 levels, MAYBE 30 minutes a level, probably less. Was hoping for a bit more time in the story, but i’ll get just that when I go back and clean up.

In order to complete the game, I’ll have to replay the game on the hardest single player difficulty, arrest all targets, find all evidence, and get the multiplayer achievements. I think I am just going to clean up the mission specific achievements and call it good.

Slowly packing things up, so my time gaming was cut quite a bit short. After this weekend things should return to “normal”, but still not the time I once had to play games….


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