Day 81-3: Loss of Wisdom

Thursday was my wisdom teeth removal day. I had two to get removed and I am happy to report the removal went well. I had been told a lot of things about getting wisdom teeth removed, the horror stories behind the removal always seemed to stand out. I just hoped that I wasn’t one of those cases. I rested the rest of the day and into the night.

Friday I worked from home and after work I played some NBA Live 15 and State of Decay. I might have gotten a few achievements, but not much to report there. Slowly getting through the playoffs in NBA Live 15 and slowly knocking out the missions I am given in State of Decay. The pain had gone down quite a bit, but the swelling on my left cheek had gotten to an all time high. It was a bit weird seeing one side of my face so puffy, but my left cheek was pretty scraped up from the surgery, my right, none at all.

Saturday, today, was another day of rest. I got up and powered through the NBA Finals and got the finals mvp, won the championship, and won the mvp for my first season in rising star. The achievements have a very high TA ratio so it was nice to get two of those today. I finally checked the mail today and got Battlefield Hardline in the mail, so I popped that into the One and installed that. I had already played the prologue and episode one, so I was able to pick up where I left off from the early access and play episode 2 and 3. The game holds my attention. It is pretty fun, and the achievements are popping all over the place. So that is a plus across the board. Looking forward to playing a few more episodes tomorrow depending on how the day goes.


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