Day 54: Windows 10 Phone

Wasn’t able to play too much video games today. Participated in some social activities today that really cut down on my video game time.

I really only had one moment to play video games, I played about half a game of NBA Live 15 before heading out of the night.

The only real reason I went home was to drop my work computer off, change, and download Windows 10 for Phone. Yep there is a new build on the Windows Insider for Windows 10 for Phone and with this build there are a ton of new phones being added to the program. I of course added myself to the insider program and downloaded Windows 10 for Phone.

I haven’t been able to play around with it too much, so more information is yet to come, but so far it looks ok. There are a few apps missing from my start screen that I have no idea what they are. Age of Empires has had trouble loading, so I hope that is soon a thing of the past.

Pretty tired, off to bed. Enjoy!

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