Day 31: Nothing New

There is really nothing new to report here. I wouldn’t even blame you if you stopped reading this right now and went on with your morning/day/evening. Well, wait, yeah I would because there is still more to read.

After work I got to cooking as I needed to make stuff for lunch tomorrow. I am hopeful that this crispy orange beef I made fits the bill. The beef was pretty crispy, but I haven’t actually ate any yet.

Went to a friends house for gamenight, but enough people flaked that we just sat around and talked for a bit before calling it a night.

Really the only thing I can say gaming related was Age of Empires Castle Siege. It is still a thing, and when I wake up I will be on Age 4. I started battling people and have to say I found a pretty good strategy for attack. Just buy a ton of siege stuff and beeline it for their keep, anything on top of that is bonus, but you’ll get the victory no matter what. Well, I shouldn’t make such a bold claim, but with this new strategy, I’ve won two in a row. I lost all my units, but I have won two in a row.

The historical challenges are pretty tough, I don’t know what i am doing wrong, but wow they aren’t easy. Couldn’t succeed at a single one. Kinda depressing.

Well, thats about it. Not much else to talk about.


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