Day 6: Enough Is Enough

The day started with way to much time being given to Making It Rain. I really don’t understand how the game is so addicting but it is…. Luckily I haven’t spent any money on it as for some reason it claims all the power-ups are 99 cents, but when you click on them they show their true price. Finally I worked up the strength to set down the phone and start on Duck Dynasty.

It is tournament time and I got going to a rude surprise. I had paused the game right as I crossed the finish line of my second race in second place. I turned off the game and assumed it would do the same as restarting it, but I was wrong. To my dismay I found that the second race scores got posted and they put me in second…. Not happy, so I restarted the tournament. Funny thing was the race I had problems with, the second race of my first tournament, showed up first in the new tournament. It took me a few tries but I finally got first on the race, but a small margin. When I got back to the tournament dashboard it said I got 2nd…. I was done. Done. I wasn’t about to go through another tournament just to get second place on a race in which I got first. So its back in its Gamefly envelope and will be mailed out first thing Monday morning.

So now I needed something to play, whats next? How about Costume Quest 2? Sure why not. Spent a good part of the day, about 4 hours playing Costume Quest 2. I think I’m about 2/3 of the way through game. I had a bit of a scare when I thought I was screwed and had to start over, but I missed a way to get back in the sewers, so I was able to grab the quest that I missed and carry on like normal hopefully. The game is pretty fun, I am enjoying it so far. Reminds me a little bit of Child of Light, but with health bars and true turn based fighting. I am glad I checked the achievements before I started because there was no way in hell I am fighting the whole game with candy corn which does absolutely nothing.

I think that is about it for me today. Enjoy!

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