Monthly Archives: May 2015


Day 80: Man Down

After I got home, a little late from work I might add, I played some State of Decay and managed to lose a survivor in the process, a playable one at that… Which is really lame, now I am actually down to one playable survivor, and he is injured. I got a few achievements in the game today, actually a… Read more →


Day 79: Losing Influence

Tuesday is soccer day, so after work I got ready and went out to the fields to play some futbol. When I got there were enough people to start a game, but no cones to play. So when my buddy got there we got the game going. We played for about an hour when rain kicked up and forced us… Read more →


Day 78: A Better State

We had an early kickball game today so when I got home late from work I just got ready for kickball and left. After a week off thanks to rain, we were back on the field with a few changes to our defensive positions. All in all I think the changes were for the better. With some of the major… Read more →


Day 73-77: Live In The Fast Lane

Insert whatever song/life gets in the way song you want to for today’s blog. As Rick Nasty said, I was definitely slacking. Here is the recap. Wednesday was game night, but this time it went wayyyyy too late. I didn’t get home till around midnight and wanted to do nothing else but go to bed. Thursday was soccer and I… Read more →